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Factor4 Weight Control

What is The Metabolic Syndrome?

The “Metabolic Syndrome” is rapidly emerging as the major cause of accelerated aging, loss of productivity and premature death in the advanced world. More than 85 million Americans appear to be suffering from Metabolic Syndrome, which is associated with the following diseases, conditions or risk factors:

  • Overweight disorders & obesity

  • High Blood pressure

  • High cholesterol and triglyceride levels

  • High blood sugar (pre-diabetes)

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Cardiovascular Disease (heart attack & stroke)

  • Certain cancers (breast, endometrial, prostate and colon)

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Kidney disease

  • Gallbladder and liver disease

Many individuals with the Metabolic Syndrome also suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and sleep apnea.

What Can I Do To Prevent The Metabolic Syndrome

Click here to see the lifestyle changes and dietary recommendations that can help you prevent the onset of Metabolic Syndrome.

How Does Amino Acid Deficiency Lead To The Metabolic Syndrome?

Dr. Scheele’s breakthrough discoveries over the past 30 years showed how a deficiency in essential amino acids in the diet decreased positive-charged proteins that led to an imbalance in metabolic health resulting in the Metabolic Syndrome.

Power Amino Acids® rapidly correct protein deficiency by supplying essential amino acids that the human body does not produce. As essential nutrients Power Amino Acids® restore protein health between positive-charged and negative-charged proteins.

By correcting the deficiencies in amino acids, proteins and metabolic pathways, Power Amino Acids® have been shown to restore the metabolic health that is necessary to combat the Metabolic Syndrome.

Click here to see the discovery that Dr. Scheele and his collaborators made in linking deficiencies in positive-charged proteins to metabolic health.

What Are Power Amino Acids and How Do They Work?

Power Amino Acids® include the 9 essential amino acids and the 3 positive charged amino acids that humans cannot produce.

Power Amino Acids® make up for the deficiency of essential amino acids in the food chain during poor nutrition and/or aging. Power Amino Acids® close the food chain gap, rebalance protein health between positive-charged and negative-charged proteins, correct “Protein Deficiency Syndrome” and supercharge core body health, which combats the chronic degenerative diseases that are associated with the Metabolic Syndrome.

Thus, Power Amino Acids® appear to be the most important dietary supplements to maintain core body health and are essential in maximizing the effects of other dietary supplements, e.g. vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


What Is Factor4 Weight Control and How Does It Rebalance Your Metabolic Health?

Factor4 Weight Control® is a delicious shake that contains all-natural active ingredients, including Power Amino Acids®, proteins, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, fiber and enzymes. Available in vanilla praline flavors, Factor4 may be quickly mixed and served in the form of power shakes and smoothies, providing all of the essential ingredients that will balance your metabolic health as well as normalize your body weight.

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What Are The Benefits of Factor4 Weight Control?

Factor4 Weight Control®, containing Power Amino Acids®, rebalances protein health which leads to Metabolic Health 4 Life with 3 major health benefits:

Benefit #1: Metabolic Health

Benefit #2: Weight Loss Health

Benefit #3: Revitalized Youth and Anti-Aging Health

How Does Factor4 Weight Control Defy The Aging Process?

Power Amino Acids© Combat The Metabolic Syndrome

Power Amino Acids© Improve Anti-aging Health In Up To 50 Different Ways

How Do I Get Started?

Try Factor4 Weight Control® today, with a risk-free guarantee, and you will immediately experience the positive benefits of Power Amino Acids® on your metabolic health, your functional age, and your physical appearance.

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Order NOW and receive Free Shipping on Domestic Orders of 4 or more.

Who Is Dr. Scheele?

Dr. George A. Scheele is a world-renowned Physician, Scientist, Inventor, Author and Entrepreneur. He has recently developed the concept of Metabolic Health 4 Life™ that links protein deficiency syndrome with the risk factors and diseases associated with the Metabolic Syndrome. Dr. Scheele has also developed Factor4 Weight Control®, a delicious nutritional shake that contains Power Amino Acids® which correct Protein Deficiency Syndrome and combat the risk factors associated with the Metabolic Syndrome, including obesity.

Trained at Princeton University, Johns Hopkins Medical School, and the University of California at San Francisco, Dr. Scheele served as Professors of Medicine at the Rockefeller University, Yale University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. A pioneer in understanding chronic degenerative diseases in humans, he also participated in research that won two Nobel Prizes in Medicine.

"As a medical doctor with over 30 years of clinical research experience my personal mission is to reduce Metabolic Disease so that Metabolic Health 4 Life™ may lead to greater productivity and health around the world. " Dr. George A. Scheele

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This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease by the use of pharmaceutical drugs. As a dietary supplement, with all natural active ingredients, considered to be "generally regarded as safe" (GRAS), Factor4 is intended only to improve health and wellness in the organs and tissues throughout the body. Comments and notations in this site, derived from testimonials and limited human studies, have not been evaluated by the FDA. All results stated on our site are actual results from real customers or individuals included in our clinical trials. Individual results may vary depending on personal goals and use.
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Lifestyle changes, including increased physical activity, losing weight and quitting smoking, may help reduce blood pressure and improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


Specific dietary changes that are appropriate for addressing different aspects of the syndrome include the following:

A diet that includes more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, mono- and poly-unsaturated fats and low-fat dairy products will benefit most patients with Metabolic Syndrome.

Factor4 Weight Control® is a delicious, high-nutrient, low-calorie shake that contains all-natural active ingredients including Power Amino Acids®, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Micronutrients, Fiber, and Enzymes. Currently available in vanilla praline flavors, the taste may be changed to your liking by adding water, soy milk, low-fat milk, your favorite fruit juice, your favorite berries, sugar-free chocolate syrup, peanut butter or apple sauce. Mixed in the form of power shakes or smoothies, Factor4 provides all of the essential ingredients that will balance your metabolic health and maintain normal body weight.

Factor4 Nutritional Facts

Protein Health and Body Weight

"Impairments in protein health may result in serious disease states, including overweight disorders, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, Type II diabetes, characterized by numerous risk factors and symptoms of premature aging." - Dr. Scheele

Healthy cells contain proteins that span the entire charge spectrum, from negative-charged proteins to positive-charged proteins. This may be easily demonstrated by spreading the proteins out on a 2-dimension (2D) gel as seen in the following diagram.

The Importance of Power Amino Acids™ in Protein Health

A: Protein Health
Normal Protein Pattern
Figure 1
B: Protein Deficiency
Positive Charged Proteins Reduced by 90%
Figure 1
C: CORRECTION with Factor4 Weight Control™
Return to Normal Protein Pattern
Figure 1

The yellow and red triangles shown at the top of the gels show the gradients of positive (red) and negative (yellow) charges that reside in the proteins. Thus, proteins at the far right in the 2D gel contain mostly positive-charged amino acids and very few negative-charged amino acids. In contrast, proteins at the far left in the 2D gel contain mostly negative-charged amino acids and very few positive charged amino acids.

Figure A shows a 2D gel demonstrating 10 proteins (round black spots) separated according to charge (horizontal axis) and size (vertical axis). Each protein has a distinct specific function that is necessary to ensure the health of cell, organ or tissue. Because the functions of proteins are complementary, the entire set of proteins are required to ensure “protein health” in a given organ or tissue. The pattern of protein health shown in Figure A represents a “healthy tissue.”

Under conditions of protein deficiency or partial protein deficient states, positive-charged proteins suffer at the expense of negative-charged proteins as seen in Figure B. The synthesis of negative-charged proteins continue but the synthesis of positive-charged proteins is greatly diminished to levels that are more than 90% diminished from levels observed in health. Thus positive-charged proteins show up at levels that are less than 10% of the levels observed in health. These changes in protein health result in serious impairments in cellular function. In fact the impairments in protein health may result in serious disease states, including overweight disorders, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, Type II diabetes, characterized by numerous risk factors and symptoms of premature aging.

The Power Amino Acids™ contained in Factor4 Weight Control™ provide the critical nutritional elements that correct the protein deficiency observed in Figure B. When corrected by Factor4 Weight Control™ the pattern of protein health returns to that seen in Figure C (compare Figure C to A).

Metabolic Syndrome appears to be caused by dietary excesses in refined sugars and complex carbohydrates that lead to hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinism and insulin resistance. Factor4 containing Power Amino Acids® generate supercharged protein health which curbs abnormalities in carbohydrate metabolism that lead to metabolic diseases associated with the Metabolic Syndrome. Careful management of carbohydrate metabolism with Power Amino Acids prevents and treats the diseases associated with Metabolic Syndrome.

Power Amino Acids® stimulate weight loss and sustained weight control through appetite suppression, increased energy and loss of body fat. In a randomized controlled clinical study, 96% of subjects lost weight within 3 months and continued to loss weight over the 12 month study. At the end of the 12 month trial the average weight loss amounted to 33 pounds or 16.2% of initial body weight.

Compared to four popular diet plans Factor4 Weight Control®, containing Power Amino Acids® shows superior weight loss performance as shown below:

Diet Plan Weight Loss
Factor4 Weight Control™1 33 lbs
Factor4 Weight Control™2 21 lbs
Atkins3 10 lbs
National Guidelines3 6 lbs
Dean Ornish3 5 lbs
Zone3 3.5 lbs
1 12 month study 2 6 month study 3 12 month results JAMA, March 2007

Within months of taking Power Amino Acids®, anti-aging effects are noticeable enough that you may feel that your “functional age” has been significantly reduced. By feeling younger you will:

These noticeable effects, which increase with time of commitment to Power Amino Acids®, serve to reduce the “functional age” of individuals and improve health in up to 50 different ways in the eight (8) major health systems in the body. The numerous positive benefits of Power Amino Acids® provide anti-aging effects that are discernable in energy levels, endurance, health, athletic performance and desire for a more active lifestyle.

Because of the effects that Power Amino Acids® have on Metabolic Syndrome and its associated risk factors that lead to Type II Diabetes and devastating vascular disease leading to heart attacks, stroke and peripheral vascular disease, it is clear that Factor4 containing Power Amino Acids® will significantly increase longevity and quality of life.

Achieve Anti-Aging Health 4 Life

Power Amino Acids® contained in Factor4 Weight Control® generate positive-charged proteins that balance protein health to provide a number of beneficial effects on each of the risk factors that makeup the Metabolic Syndrome. For example, Power Amino Acids® show the following beneficial effects:

The beneficial effects of Power Amino Acids® on (i) weight control, (ii) metabolic balance, and (iii) nutritional health combine to combat the Metabolic Syndrome. As such, Power Amino Acids® appear to provide a powerful strategy in managing Metabolic Syndrome and the group of risk factors that lead to life-threatening diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.

With successful management of the risk factors that lead to these life-threatening diseases, Power Amino Acids® can be expected to provide significant anti-aging benefits that will increase health and longevity.

Power Amino Acids® lead to supercharged health by modulating two broad metabolic processes:

Fortunately, you can convert the catabolic processes of aging into the anabolic processes of youth by taking Power Amino Acids® twice daily in a maintenance regimen. A lifetime commitment to Power Amino Acids® will ensure supercharged health with decreased functional age through body rejuvenation.

Thanks to Power Amino Acids® you will delay the aging process and live longer and healthier with enhanced quality of life.

In addition to optimal weight loss and sustained weight control, Power Amino Acids® provide numerous anti-aging benefits in the eight (8) major health systems in the body during the aging process. These beneficial effects translate into improved anti-aging health with increased longevity and enhanced quality of life. The improvements in health that may be expected with a lifetime commitment to Power Amino Acids® are listed in the table below.


Major Health System

Effects of Power Amino Acids® & Health-Plus Proteins™


Body weight & energy health

  • Fat loss in extremities2,3

  • Fat loss in central torso2,3

  • Decrease in total body weight2,3

  • Increase in pep & energy2,3

  • Increase in physical activity & exercise2,3

  • Metabolic balance2

  • Increase in lean muscle mass2,3

  • Muscle strength enhanced2

  • Muscle relaxation increased2


Beauty health

    • Skin color, texture & health increased2

    • Hair becomes smoother, thicker & healthier2

    • Nails increase in color, strength & radiance2


Mental balance/health

  • Clarity of thought increased2

  • Memory improved2,4

  • Mood stabilized2,3

  • Stress reduced2

  • Depression relieved2

  • Sleep enhanced2,3

  • Addictions decreased3,4

  • Sensory health increased (peripheral vision2, hearing2, taste, smell, touch)


Digestive health

  • Taste adapts to high-value foods2

  • Appetite satisfied2

  • Calming effect on stomach2

  • Decrease in acid reflux & heart burn2

  • Increased regularity of bowel movements2


Metabolic health

  • Type II Diabetes reduced1

  • Systolic & diastolic blood pressure reduced1

  • Total & LDL cholesterol levels reduced1

  • HDL Cholesterol levels increased4

  • Decrease in blood sugar level1

  • Metabolic Syndrome prevention & treatment4

  • Body wasting disorders corrected2,3


Immune health

  • Increased resistance to viruses2

  • Increased resistance to bacteria2

  • Increased resistance to fungi2

  • Decreased free radicals4

  • Decreased non-specific inflammation4

  • Decreased C-reactive protein1


Sexual & Reproductive health

  • Sexual desire increased2

  • Erectile function increased2

  • Sexual activity increased2

  • Ejaculate volume increased2

  • Ovarian health increased4


Aging health

  • Decrease in tired, weak feelings2

  • Increased anabolic effects on organ functions, including heart, lung, liver, kidneys, etc.3,4

  • Decreased catabolic effects throughout the body3,4

  • Decrease in functional age2

  • Disease prevention during aging2,3

  • Performance increased2

  • Increase in longevity4

1 Demonstrated in published clinical trials

2 Demonstrated in testimonials

3 Predicted with supporting evidence in literature

4 Predicted

The Essential Nature of Power Amino Acids®